System tool carrier NEPTUN

The NEPTUN system tool carrier serves as a chassis to create a machine of a significant working width by employing two mounted machines.
The technical solution of the carrier makes it possible to form an aggregation with the working width of 8 or 10 m.
Within the OPaLL-AGRI s.r.o. system solution, the SATURN IV combined cultivator or PEGAS disc harrows can be hung on the chassis.
The big advantage is that the use of one chassis for both types of machine means considerable cost savings.
The carrier can also be mounted to machines from other producers if their technical characteristics allow for that. 

  • Working width of hitch machines:
    NEPTUN 8: 2 x 4 m
    NEPTUN 10: 2 x 5 m

Basic equipment:

Hitch D51(39)    Hitch D51(39)     Dual circuit air brakes    Tyre size
560/45 –R22,5
  Traffic sign 

    Working width





    NEPTUN X 8 8 yes 2570
    NEPTUN X 10 10 yes 2800