Combined cultivator NEPTUN-SATURN IV

Combined cultivators NEPTUN-SATURN IV are machines with unique technology of the arrangement of working parts to create a precise seedbed. The ingenious concept is suitable for any type of soil thanks to a wide range of equipment and accessories.

  •  tradition of combinator production since 1991
  •  combinators combine years of experience with the use of modern production technologies
  •  precise processing to the smallest detail
  •  high-quality processing ensures your long-term satisfaction and precision work
  • sophisticated order of working bodies 
  • the individual working bodies are arranged so that the result of the work is a perfectly prepared seedbed
  •  4 variants of cultivating parts
  •  depending on conditions at your farm, you can choose from 4 types of cultivating coulters with various overload protection
  •  simple adjustment of work depth
  •  you simply adjust the coulter working depth by using the crank or hydraulics
  •  crosskill roller of high-strength cast iron
  •  the crosskill roller is made of highly resistant cast iron GGG50, guaranteeing its long life and resistance to stones
  •  maintenance-free bearings with perfect external protection
  • suitably chosen shape and systematic arrangement of safety rings and caps ensures excellent protection against dust, dirt and mechanical damage and thus ensures long service life of all bearings of the machine 
  •  the adaptive sections perfectly copy the terrain
  •  thanks to the machine sections 1.5 or 2 m wide, the machine perfectly adapts to the terrain and leaves no untreated spots
  •  we have our own production of wear parts
  •  wear parts made of special abrasion-resistant steel have a long service life

Machine operation description

The front break-up rollers with the levelling bar level and mix the surface layer. Two rows of arrow blades in the cultivating section allow perfectly shallow and precise cultivation of the seedbed. The blades are secured against possible overload by a spring mechanism or a shear screw. Rear break-up rollers, supplemented with a levelling bar, break up and crumble lumps and lashes and level the unevenness of the surface. Heavy Crosskill rollers ensure re-tightening of the soil. At the front of the machine, track cultivators of the tractor with automatic locking are placed.

Illustration and description of the cultivating part of the machine to achieve a high-quality and well-processed seedbed.

The front drag bar ensures that the rough furrow is removed and that the field is opened for further operation.

The front break-up rollers with adjustable levelling bar level the surface of the soil even under severe conditions (e.g. large lumps, deep grooves from the tractor, etc.). With a properly set machine, a small part of the soil returns – especially the lumps return back in front of the roller, which throws them forward and processes them again.

Variants P, S and PR - two rows of arrow blades in the ploughing section allow cutting into the whole profile and perfectly preparing the seedbeds. The coulter placement provides the necessary countersunk force.

The Pe variant - three rows of chisel blades loosen the soil without bringing wet lumps to the surface.

BREAKING-UP - the rear break-up roller, in conjunction with the levelling bar and the side plate, breaks up and crushes the lumps and slices. The principle of the work is the same as in the case of the front roller.
Version I - tube/bar roller
At the point of contact with the substrate, soil compaction and partial crumbling of lumps occurs. The roller is less prone to clogging with damp soil.
Version II - crosskill roller
At the point of contact with the pad, it compacts the soil and, at the same time, breaks up the remaining lumps. The blades of the cast-iron wheels of the roller throw up the soil, which falls according to the specific gravity of the particles so as to form a soil structure with fine particles at the site of the seed placement and lumps on the surface of the soil.

This creates the ideal seedbed with coarse particles at the top and fine particles below. 

Basic equipment of the combined cultivator NEPTUN-SATURN IV 

Tractor track cultivators    2 rows of bar back-up rollers with a diameter of 330 mm    2 rows of levelling bars after break-up rollers    Two-row maintenance-free ball bearings    Tyres for SATURN IV 3 and 4 m: 10./75-15.3 
 Tyres for SATURN IV 5 and 6 m: 19.0./45-17   Adjusting the work depth of the coulters with a crank    Traffic sign    Suspension shaft for tractor arms cat. 2/3  

Optional extras



Front drag bar    Hydraulic release of the levelling bar    Hydraulic working depth of coulters    Flotation tyres for SATURN IV 3 and 4 m. Size 13.0/55-16 

Cultivating part according to the selected variant:

  Variant S – sections with shear protection with arrow blades
  • they cut the soil across the entire working width
  • suitable for lighter soils without stones
  Variant P – sections with spring protection with arrow blades
  •   they cut the soil across the entire working width
  • suitable for almost all types of soil except wet soil
  Variant Pe - section with chisel blades placed on a flexible spring
  • they do not cut, but they provide soil loosening
  • suitable for wet soil or for spring preparation
  Variant PR - section with arrow blades placed on a flexible spring
  • they cut the soil across the entire working width
  • suitable for very stony soils

Back-up roller according to the chosen variant:

   400 mm back-up roller
   400 mm rod back-up roller
   400 mm cast iron crosskill roller with cleaners





8 TH


10 TH

Working width (m) m 8 10
Loosening depth (cm) cm 2-12 2-12
Number of arrow blades (pcs) ks 32+6 40+6
Number of chisel blades (pcs) ks 96+6 120+6
Working speed (km/h) km/h 7-12 7-12
Transport width (m) m 3 3
Transport height (m) m 3,85 3,85
Transport length ( m ) m 6,1 6,7
Size of tyres / wheels   560/45-22,5 560/45-22,5
Weight* (kg ) kg 6960 8530
Tractor output ( hp ) k,hp 210-260 250-320

N – mounted option, T – semi-mounted option, H - hydraulic folding 3m * valid for option P, Type II