Clod crusher

The patented clod crusher consists of height-adjustable levelling bars mounted with blades made of special steel with a long life. The position of the blades to the angle to the axis of the drive can be adjusted by central control and adapted for all soil conditions. At low drawbar consumption, the clod crusher allows you to achieve significant savings in land preparation – it reduces lumps, levels the surface and saves soil moisture.

Convincing advantages

  • Cutting and levelling of coarse lumps directly during ploughing
  • Faster drying of the soil allows early land preparation for sowing
  • The levelled winter furrow allows early spring fertilization
  • It ensures the best conditions for spring shallow cultivation of the soil, which maintains soil structure and ensures good water management


Regulation of working depth 

  • 5-15 cm
  • 5-15 cm 
  • mechanically or hydraulically from the tractor cab

Number of blades

Approx. weight in kg

3 135
4 170
5 245
per each extra blade + 70

Drawbar horsepower: ca. 1.6 hp/blade